The 8 Bit Computer – Conclusion and Outlook

Find the introduction here.

With that, the 8 bit computer project is essentially finished. As mentioned in the introduction, there are still a few minor issues to iron out, especially at very high clock speeds, and there are some optional features that I haven’t experimented with yet, but they don’t add much value to what this project is: A fully functional basic computer that, in my opinion, looks great and is a nice tool to show how computers work on a hardware level.

This project was designed and built before I started my university education in computer science. This helped me a lot in my first computer architecture courses, as I already knew a lot of the concepts. However, there are many things that I didn’t know prior to taking those courses and many things I’ve learned about computer architecture that I didn’t know when designing this computer. So looking back at it, there are quite a few things I would do differently if I were to start a project like this now. Still, I am proud of it and happy with how it turned out.

In the future, I may design a new computer, perhaps implementing some more advanced computer architecture features and avoiding some of the problems that I encountered and worked around in this one. Until then, I recommend everyone who’s interested to keep looking into this topic – there is much more to learn than what I’ve covered here!

Until the next project,

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